Sunday, August 16, 2015

Know More about Your PNR: What is PNR number meant for? Hidden information about PNR

Have you ever wondered about how the PNR Numbers is generated ,What does these Digit tell you.Let's find out First and foremost these PNR depends upon:  Zone of the Train, w.r.t. starting station of the train

First Digit of PNR represent Zone of Railways for  that is
2,3: NR, NCR, NWR, NER
4,5: SR, SWR, SCR
8,9: CR, WCR, WR
2nd the 3rd Digit
e.g. If a ticket is booked from Mumbai to New Delhi , as the starting station is  Mumbai, PNR will start from 8.The subsequent 2 digits detail specific PRS.Last 7 digit They are randomly generated numbers. They represent no information.PNR number has validity of  minimum 9 month( not sure),but it will remain active as long as you can file TDR .Then there is no data will be availabel for that PNR.After a year, the same PNR number can be generated
e.g. If you book from Kolkata PRS center, it can be 57 (For an example only). For Lucknow, it may be 24.
In Short Let's suppose if the first 3 digits are 857, then it says that the zone is either CR, WCR or WR and the PRS center is Kolkata.
Last 7 digit
These are randomly generated numbers which information about the ticket or journey.
So, this the complete information about how a PNR is genrated and what are information hidden in those number. If you like this information please do write you comment and like us at our facebook page.


  1. This is wrong.2nd and 3rd digit not same even booked same counter in order

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