Sunday, November 3, 2019

Now Connecting Journey Booking available online :Link PNR number of connecting Journey online

 (IRCTC) website and mobile app have introduced a new feature from  where one can link the PNR numbers of two connecting journeys. This is in cases where people have booked tickets between a pair of stations for which direct trains may not be available on that particular date.
This will help passengers to get a refund if they miss their second train because the first train is delayed. This is similar to how international flights operate, which ensure passengers are given a different flight if the connecting flight on the same airline is delayed.

However, telescopic benefit will not be given to the passenger booking interconnected journey. In Indian Railways, as one travels a longer distance, the price of the journey per km decreases, which is known as telescopic fare.

Take the case of a passenger who has booked a ticket from Pune to Dhanbad in two inter-linked journeys - Pune to Howrah and Howrah to Dhanbad. In case the train from Pune is delayed and arrives after the train to Dhanbad has departed, the passenger will be able to avail a full refund for the latter journey.
This facility is now available on the IRCTC app and website. To use this, one has to click on the menu link on the IRCTC website and click on ‘Trains’. A drop-down menu will show ‘Connecting Journey Booking’.
For booking a connecting journey ticket, one has to first book the first journey ticket.
This can be an e-ticket or a paper ticket bought at the contact. While booking the connecting journey ticket, IRCTC will ask for the PNR number of the first journey ticket, which has to be entered.

a)  An option "Connecting journey booking" is provided under main menu ‘TRAINS’
b)  Find train for journey.
c)  Check the accommodation availability in train on train list Page.
d)  On click of ‘Book Now’ Button, Input of Connecting PNR is required.
e) User need to input the eligible counter ticket or PNR booked with same user ID for which
connecting Journey ticket to be booked.
f)  Input PNR would be checked and if eligible for connecting Journey booking, the Passenger
details of the Input PNR would be auto populated for booking the ticket.
Note:- If connecting journey is being booked against counter ticket, then OTP verification
would be done before fetching passenger details.

Terms & Conditions /Salient features
1. Journey terminating station (or principal station) of main journey should match with Journey
originating station/Boarding station)(or principal station) of connecting journey.
2. PNR From station and boarding station should be same and PNR To station and reserved upto
should be same.
3. Passenger details including name is both PNRs should be same. Name/age/gender changes shall
not be allowed for connected PNRs.
4. Only Confirm/Part Confirm ticket is allowed for connecting journey ticket booking.
5. Day difference between main journey and connecting journey should not be more than 5 days.
6. Two PNRs can be linked. The one having first journey lap will be Main Journey PNR and the later
one will be Connected Journey PNR.
7. To link PRS Counter ticket with eTicket, Counter Ticket must have mobile number. For such case,
OTP (for authentication) will be sent on PRS Counter ticket mobile number.
8. On Partial cancellation of any connected PNR, it will be de-linked.
9. TQ/PT/FT Quota ticket or current booking PNR is not allowed for connecting journey
ticket booking.
10. Minimum and maximum difference of time between scheduled arrival at destination of main
journey and scheduled departure at boarding of connecting Journey is 1 minute and 5 days
11. Modification of journey is not allowed for connected PNRs.
12. Boarding station change is not allowed for connected PNRs
13. VIKALP Option is not allowed on connected journey ticket.
14. Loyalty accrual booking for connecting journey is not allowed. 


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