Monday, June 4, 2018

Good News for IRCTC Waiting List Ticket Holder.Soon WL(waiting list) e-ticket holder can board Train

There is a good news for people traveling in Indian Railways. If you have missed the trip several times in the train because of the waiting e-ticket, then it will not be so. Traveling e-tickets will also be able to travel on the train.

Not only this, passengers who are waiting for ticketing tickets will be able to claim the vacant seat.

The Railways appealed to the Supreme Court, against a decision. The Supreme Court has given great relief to the passengers traveling on the e-ticket while rejecting it. In fact, the Railways had appealed against the decision, in which the High Court directed him to eliminate discrimination between passengers traveling from the counter and passengers who travel by e-ticket.

It was so far that the passengers with waiting e-tickets could not travel on the train, while traveling passengers with reservation ticket taken from the Reservation Counter, as well as getting a seat in the event of the arrival of a passenger were also entitled.

The single bench of Justice Madan B Lokur rejected the appeal of the Delhi High Court against the orders of the Delhi High Court in 2014. That too because a lawyer from the railway did not reach the court for a debate on this matter.

The Supreme Court said in its order, "The matter has been heard twice, but no action has been taken by the petitioner, hence the special leave petition was dismissed." In such a case, after the appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court, the Railways will now have to implement the Delhi High Court's decision and find such options to eliminate the discrimination between the e-tickets and passengers who have been bought from the counter. .

What The Delhi High Court said this in its order 

In its order of July 2014, the Delhi High Court had instructed the railway that passengers traveling by e-ticket should not be harmed. In fact, on the petition of a lawyer named Vishwa Kumar. the Delhi High Court had instructed the railway to remove this defect within 6 months and also agree that agents can not block the ticket and the counter Do not buy conform tickets by paying more money to passenger agents who buy tickets.

While issuing the order, the Delhi High Court said, "There is no such provision in the law, which gives preference to the ticketing ticket ticket ticketed person who has purchased the e-ticket, if the traveler who purchases the waiting list tickets from the counter If you get a chance to climb up and get a seat even if the ticket is not available, then the waiting e-ticketing can not be denied by this facility. Whether the final chart of the reservation may have been released. "

Now after the appeal has been rejected by the Supreme Court, the Railways will have to work to end this difference.


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