Saturday, January 5, 2019

Missed you connecting Train ,Don't worry you can travel in another train without extra payment.

If the train you are traveling is late for some reason and you missed the onward train connection because of this,you can approach the Station Manager on duty and ask him to issue a late arrival certificate. With this certificate you can seek alternative in other trains going towards your destination subject to seat availability .You need not to pay any extra money. Suppose you have booked Ticket from A to B Station in X train .Another Ticket you have booked from B to C in Y Train . Due to some reason X train got delayed and you Y train from Station B got missed. In that case you can ask Station Master of Station B to issue you a Late Arrival Certificate. This certificate will help you to travel in another train from B to C without payment of any extra charge.

Late arrival certificate is a certificate issued by the station in-charge on request for claiming refund also. If onward journey is missed due to late arrival, the late arrival certificate can be utilized for the alternative arrangements in another train for preference to get accommodation.This is also can be used to claim DA,TA to rounding of to maximum eligibility for so called overstay accusations.

This is nothing new facility by Indian railways but most of people don't know about this facility.


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