Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Know about IRCTC system Ticket Booking System Performance Report

We have been many a times booked ticket from IRCTC . But have you even thought how many ticket request the system can handle per minute/sec/day. Ministry has released this information on 19-January, 2016 on PIB

In 2002 Internet ticketing on IRCTC website was started ,at that time it booked only 29 tickets on the first day but now it has  increased to more than 13 lakh tickets booked in a single day

In 2014 ,IRCTC has upgraded the website and named it NGeT that is  Next generation e-ticketing system(NGeT)  was  launched on 28/04/2014 to handle increased ticket booking. The capacity was increased from 2000 tickets in a minute to 7200 tickets in a minute . The capacity of NGeT was further increased to 15000 tickets in a minute in 2015 to book tickets fast and easily. The e-tickets may be booked easily and faster through website and the IRCTC website is able to handle 15000 tickets per minute at present. The concurrent user connections were increased from 40,000 to 1,20,000 in NGeT,  which has further been increased to 3,00,000 . The enquiries in NGeT have also been increased from 1000 per second to 3000 per second. Capacity in NGeT was increased this year

Time taken in Booking of ticket:

The Next Generation e-Ticketing System (NGeT) is able to handle load of 15000 tickets in a minute. Hence 250 tickets can be booked concurrently in a second. At best, an individual user can book his ticket in 35 seconds.. The time taken for ticket booking depends upon the speed of internet at client end, form filling speed of individual and bank response time. At reservation counters, a ticket can be booked in less than 35 seconds.

Ticket Booking Capacity
15000 ticket per minute
Number of Concurrent User Supported
3 Lakh
Number of Enquiries per second

To stop the misuse of website various time checks and Captcha have been implemented as discussed above. With these checks in place, it is not possible to book any Opening Tatkal ticket by any software being sold in the market earlier than 35 seconds. Tables shown below which indicate first 35 seconds bookings and   36th   second to 60th second booking separately at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM for Opening Tatkal at PRS counters vis a vis IRCTC website.