Sunday, January 24, 2021

Now no longer need to carry baggage to Railways Station : Baggage pick and Drop Service by Indian Railways.

 There is good news for those traveling on the train. Railway passengers no longer need to carry baggage from home to railway station. Railways themselves are going to arrange this. This facility will be the first implemented on  East Central Railway (ECR) Patna across the country, from where this service will start.

Indian Railways is planning to do pick up and home delivery of goods from Passenger's home. After implementation of the scheme, any passenger can book their luggage through the Nodal Agency's app or through the railway website. After this, the stress of transporting and bringing goods from the house to the station will be reduced, you will not have to suffer even the pressure of the coolies. The traveler surrounded by the porters feels very trapped. Indian Railways has taken the initiative to remove this pain of passengers

Railways said that with the new decision, passengers traveling by train will get rid of the worry of transporting goods from home or transporting goods from the station to the house, along with the porters will not be worried about the rate. Now the railway will transport your goods from home to berths and other cities. Danapur Railway Division of East Central Railway has approved this new facility.

How will the luggage booking works- Travelers will have the option of booking on the agency's app and website. The app has to be downloaded to Android Mobile. The size, weight and other information of the bag will have to be given. It will be charged accordingly. The fee will be determined according to the distance and weight from the station. The maximum distance for this will be 50 kilometers and the lowest rate will be 125 rupees.

A distance of 10 km and a side charge of minimum 10 kg bag will be Rs 125. There will also be a prescribed fee of the porter to carry the goods to the berth. If there will be more than one (maximum of five) luggage, then the fee for the first luggage will be Rs 125 and for the rest Rs 50-50. The agency will also facilitate the wrapping and sanitization of luggage. With GPS system, you will be able to track your luggage, along with baggage insurance.