Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Know about Current Reservation

Plan to go somewhere to train and suddenly  you not able to get confirm ticket of the rail. Or do not get  confirmed ticket after the chart is created. So you have to travel by train to stand or give bribe. Did that ever happen to you so do not be afraid. Yes, You can get confirm ticket( if avalilable) upto 10 minute before the departure.
before the train depart from status and after chart preparation there is option to get confirm ticket Under this rule,ticket can be optained from  ticket counter at most stations.This facility is avalaible on most of station. The purpose of the current reseravation is to fill the vaccant seat after chart preparation so that should not be empty seats on the train.

To get current reseatvation you have to fill the researaction from and submit to reseravation counter. Normally current reseavation open after chart is prepared.

You and get information of avlaiblity of Current reseravation ONLINE at below mention link

For Delhi Railways station
For all Few selacted Train
For All india Station


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