Thursday, March 19, 2015

Indian Railways insurance for your Belongines

Insurance for Luggage on E-ticket for the trip passengers will soon launch a new feature. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism corporation  will insure your passengers. Travelers  can also insure their belongings This will cover insurance  during the trip will cost personal accidents and hospital. The passengers will be compensated with lost luggage. In first phase  this will be implemented in Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express. In this regard, IRCTC will  take feedback from passengers. The whole process may be completed by the end of the plan. The new service will be get started by  June 1 if everything goes well, passenger insurance plan will help the passwger to get compensation of  the stolen goods often get insurance scheme on the basis of complaints. Under the scheme, the passenger e-ticket to pay an additional amount of Rs 25 to get insurance of 2.05 to 10.50 lakh . The feedback from Rajdhani express passwnger it has been found that they want to insure their valuables belongings.To do so IRCTC have  contact the respective insurance companies. This clearly shows that people traveling in Higher class of Train are willing to pay extra to get premium service.


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