Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Booking and Cancellation Rule for Train Ticket from 1 July 2015

New Rule to be implement in Refund and Ticket booking from 1 July 2015

1) Passengers will have to present their confirmed tickets at least 48 hours before the journey instead of existing 24 hours to get the maximum refund.To get  refund with cancellation charges of 25 percent of the fare, passengers will now have to cancel their confirmed tickets within 48 hours and at least six hours before the train's departure against the existing four hours.

2) Railway is deducting a minimum per passenger cancellation charge at the flat rate of Rs 120 for AC first class/executive class, Rs 100 for AC-II tier/first class, Rs 90 for AC III-tier, economy and chair car, Rs 60 for sleeper class and Rs 30 for second class.

3) If the ticket is presented for cancellation within six hours before the train's scheduled departure of the train and upto two hours after its actual departure, the cancellation charge would be 50 percent of the fare subject to a minimum of the charge.

 TIME                                                                          Cancellation Charge
Before 48 hrs of Departure of Train                             Normal cancellation charge
Within 48hrs and before 6 hr of Departure                   25% deduction
Within 6hrs before the train departure                          50% deduction
Within 2 hrs of after Train Departure                           50% deduction

4) The old rules, which were valid till June 30, allowed the cancellation of the tickets upto 12 hours after the train's departure if the distance was 500 km or more.According to the new rules, no refund will be granted on the reserved ticket if it is surrendered for cancellation two hours after the train's actual departure.

5)Under the new rules, the time for filing of refund claims has been reduced from existing 90 days to 10 days of the train's departure in case of unforeseen circumstances like strike or any natural causes like floods.

6) According to the new rules, even those with waitlisted or RAC tickets would have to cancel their tickets three hours before the train's actual departure to get the refund after deduction of clerkage charge of Rs 30 once the new rules are implemented from July 1.

7) New rules would not allow any refund two hours after the train's departure. Existing rules permit cancellation till three hours after the train's departure.
8) According to new Tatkal rules ,Booking of AC coaches will be permitted from 10AM  to 11 AM. From 11 AM booking fro sleeper class will start.
9) Now Premium Train will now off the track. No premium train will run.


  1. the cancellation charge would be 50 percent of the fare subject to a minimum of the charge.

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