Sunday, December 6, 2015

No more HALF TICKET in Indian Railways

Coming from April 2016,Railway will not have Half ticket provision for children from age group 5-12.,Till now, children aged 5-12 were entitled for a separate seat or berth at half the fare. The new rule will be in force from 10 April 2016. Only half the fare needs to be paid for child/children in the age group  if separate seat berth is not required. The parents or caretakers will have to share their reserved space with them in such cases.
From Passenger prospective in order to  reduce expenses, it is obvious that those travelling with children won't reserve separate berths. It means the single long seat for three passengers will have to accommodate more persons which will in turn generate more crowd in compartment
Railways has to carry out the necessary modifications in its software for the change. Once the changes are updated, the passenger will get the option to reserve separate seat or berth for children.
It seems the railway is now focusing more on increasing its revenue and ensuring maximum reserved seats or berths for long-distance travellers,Well this would surely make compartment more crowdy


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