Thursday, January 28, 2016

New rules for IRCTC for Ticket booking and more : From 1st Feb and 1st March

From 1st February 2016 Railway has planned to have new rule for Ticket mobbking Here are some of it major point:

1) From a single user id of IRCTC ,a Peson can book only 2 ticket between 8 to 10 AM
2) From a single user ID of IRCTC ,a person can book only 2 ticket for Tatkal between 10 AM to 12        PM
3) From a single ID,a user can booking only 6 ticket in a calendar month.
4) Agent login on IRCTC will be possible only from 8:30 AM .that is 30 minutes late from normal booking.
5) No 8  AM to 12 PM  there will be no any e-wallet payment method.

Validity of Unservered ticket will be now 3 hours

From 1st March 2016,Railways has decide to reduce the validity of ticket validity to 3 hrs from existing 24 hr. Further there will be no Return ticket will be issued upto 200Km.


  1. Hii Aanand
    Thanks for tell us this and easily book tickets by Irctc login and access your IRCTC account for planing train trip in future.

  2. Excellent info given here about tatkal train ticket booking. Train Tickets Reservation will be easy and people will get conform train tickets before 24 hours.

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    irctc train ticket booking. This rule will provide maximum number of conform tickets to more people.
    Thanks to share with us.

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